Windsor Mayor quarantined after cross-border medical appointment

WINDSOR, ONT. – Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens is in home quarantine for 14 days after a recent trip across the border.

Dilkens says the trip took place on Friday, April 23, where he drove a family member to a medical appointment in Detroit.

“We have met all the rules to enter the United States, we have spent a little over 24 hours because we have to get negative tests before coming back,” says Dilkens. “So we followed all the rules to get in, all the rules while we were there and all the rules to get back to Canada.”

As required by the quarantine law, Dilkens is now required to stay home for 14 days and watch for symptoms.

“It’s not a straightforward or easy process in place. The rules are in place, the safeguards are in place, ”says Dilkens. “We follow all of these rules and this is where we are.”

Dilkens says he returned to Canada after the medical appointment at the Bluewater Bridge in Sarnia, where he reported about $ 1,700 worth of goods that were shipped to a family member’s home in the United States during of the pandemic. Dilkens maintains he did not shop or enter non-medical facilities while in Michigan.

Dilkens adds that he and a family member were also offered a vaccine while in the United States, but the mayor refused.

“My son, he’s 17, he was offered the vaccine, he has dual citizenship, US and Canada, he received the vaccine,” says Dilkens. “I have never been vaccinated against COVID-19, I will wait until my age group is called in the city of Windsor.”

Dilkens believes he has proven he is able to work from home without any interruption in his workload, an experience he had at the start of the pandemic. His family was on vacation abroad when the pandemic was declared and Dilkens also spent 14 days in quarantine upon his return from that trip in March 2020.

He says this time is no different, except the virtual workflow is much more established 13 months later.

“I have all the tools at home to continue working from home. All of my meetings are online and virtual anyway, so we will continue to do so, ”the mayor said. “There will be no disruption by May 7, when I return to the office.”