Varavara Rao’s health is normal, according to a medical report; The NIA wants him to surrender

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has submitted a medical summary of the case of Elgar Parishad accused Varavara Rao to the Bombay High Court. Rao had filed for an extension of the medical bail granted to him by the High Court in April this year.

The medical summary for Rao, 82, said he had been evaluated by several consultants, and they concluded that he was suffering from minor symptoms like insufficient sleep and exhaustion. However, her vital parameters appeared to be within the normal range and the remainder of the physical examination showed no significant abnormalities.

On November 29, 2021, the judiciary Nitin Jamdar and SV Kotwal ordered the NIA to take Rao to a private hospital for a medical examination at the agency’s expense. The NIA wants Rao to surrender and return to prison, as the provisional bail was only granted because he was not feeling well.

Due to his state of health, even in judicial detention, Rao was taken to a private hospital in the suburbs of Mumbai. This time too, when Rao’s lawyers objected to his control by the Civic Hospital, the court ordered that Rao be checked in the same private hospital, Nanavati.

At Nanavati Hospital, Rao was examined for his cardiac, ENT, psychiatric, urological, and neurological medications. The report indicated that he did not need any active management or modification of his usual medications. The report stated that he was able to perform all daily activities and that his neurological functions were normal.

At Friday’s hearing, after the report said Rao was normal, his lawyer Anand Grover pointed out that what was submitted to the court was only a summary of the report and not the entire case. review. Grover requested that the full examination report be submitted, so there is no confusion over Rao’s state of health.

In response to this, the judiciary pointed out that the summary report came from a hospital chosen by Grover. Even lawyer Sandesh Patil appearing for the NIA said, “If my esteemed friend (Grover) disputes the report, let Rao surrender and we can discuss the report.”

However, Grover made it clear that he was not disputing the report but only wanted to know how the opinion was formulated. “The opinion has to be supported by the report. It has to be supported by reasons. I wanted the report to see what they’re relying on. It’s just a matter of law,” Grover said. He added that he even had a draft affidavit ready because he wanted to go to court on “something”.

The Court adjourned the hearing until December 20, 2021 to allow Grover to respond to the summary reports and provide his opinion on them.

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