Turkey develops medical diagnostic software

September 16, 2021 06:13 PM (UTC + 04: 00)


By Vugar Khalilov

Turkey has developed medical diagnostic software to detect diseases, including coronavirus infection, Yeni Shafak newspaper reported on September 15.

Firat University professor Zulfu Genc and his team have developed software and application supported by wearable sensors and artificial intelligence, which can detect disease based on sound and cough.

“One of the most important points that we have achieved is that we continue to work on the software that ensures the diagnosis of the coronavirus by coughing,” said Genc.

The professor said the project aims to create a decision support system that doctors can use by processing signals received from wearable sensors with software based on artificial intelligence.

“We send data through this smart bracelet. We can perform both diagnosis and patient follow-up by processing this data on the artificial intelligence-based software installed on the central server using signals from these portable sensors from patients with certain symptoms, ”he added.

Genc said that by processing data from the coronavirus infection (the common symptoms of which are fever and cough) using this software, doctors can remotely monitor the patient after diagnosis.

“In a period of approximately 16 months, we have developed the software and application supported by wearable sensors and artificial intelligence which can be used in the healthcare sector. You can also see their prototypes here. We worked on four to five different prototypes during the process and the final product is now on my arm. We have created two different new models, ”he added.

The inventor said the team is working on voice and cough recordings collected from 3,000 people to decide if a person has the coronavirus based on the data received.

“We can detect if a person has coronavirus based on cough and voice data within seconds, with a 60-80% success rate during our ongoing studies. We believe this is the first case in Turkey. We know there are many different studies around the world and we are following them closely, ”said Genc.

He stressed that the project was also accepted and supported by the relevant state committees.

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