“The medical report does not confirm the rape” | Surah News

File photo of the girl’s CCTV capture at Surat station

Surah: Even though the medical report of the 18-year-old girl who committed suicide after alleged rape in Vadodara and does not clearly confirm a sexual assault, investigators take this with a pinch of salt.
Due to a gap of a few days between the alleged rape and her suicide, the medical report does not clearly state that she was raped, Parikshita Rathod, railway police commissioner, told reporters on Wednesday.
Rathod said the incident occurred in Vadodara on October 29 when the girl committed suicide by hanging in a train car in Valsad on November 4.
But based on witness statements and traces of injuries on the victim’s hands, legs and thigh, as mentioned in the medical report, the cops are certain the girl was raped.
Rathod said the cops were investigating technical and human intelligence to catch the culprits. She also informed that before the Special Investment Team (SIT) took over, the investigation was conducted by the Superintendent of Police (SP), three DSPs, four PIs, 10 PSI as well as the LCB and SOG team. The DSP also claimed that officials at the Oasis Institute based in Vadodara, where the girl was doing an internship, were cooperating with investigators.
When asked why institute officials did not immediately report the matter to the police, Rathod said the institute administrator told cops he was in Jammu-et – Cashmere when the incident happened. He believed that legal action could be taken once he spoke to the victim after his return to Vadodara.
Rathod said the victim called a friend to pick her up after being sexually assaulted. The girl also told the cops that the victim herself did not want to press charges this time around, Rathod said.
During the first investigations, the railway police found the girl’s diary in which she had written that she had been kidnapped and raped by two motorists near the grounds of the Vaccine Institute in Vadodara. But later, a few pages of the diary were found missing and later recovered.


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