Telangana HC requests victim’s medical report

HYDERABAD: Judge Bollam Vijaysen Reddy of the High Court of Telangana on Thursday ordered the director of Gandhi hospital to file the medical reports of B. Bhum Boi, who allegedly died of physical torture while in police custody.

The judge ordered the official to provide full details as soon as Boi’s condition when he was admitted to Gandhi hospital, whether his body had any injuries and whether he was in pain.

Judge Reddy was dealing with petitions filed by Boi’s wife and the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) accusing the deceased of being brutally beaten by police after being picked up from a place where villagers were playing games. maps in the village of Shantapur in Bichkunda Mandal. in Kamareddy district on November 4. His wife said Boi sustained a serious head injury as a result of indiscriminate beatings by Bichkunda police. When they found him unconscious, the family took him to Banswada Public Hospital and later to Nizamabad Public Hospital. Even without a response at a private hospital in Nizamabad, he was transferred to Gandhi Hospital on November 10. He passed away the next day.

Shashikiran. P, the applicant’s lawyer argued that the death was caused by police excesses and that an FIR should be filed under Sec. 302 against police personnel. However, police recorded one case of suspicious death and no further investigation into the complaint, he said.

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