Tajinder Bagga has back and shoulder injuries: Medical report

A medical discharge certificate from BJP leader Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, who was released after his arrest, revealed that he suffered multiple back and shoulder injuries, according to documents viewed by IANS.

Bagga alleged that he was injured after being assaulted by Punjab police.

It is now possible that a third complaint will be filed against the Punjab Police by the BJP leader.

Bagga, was produced before Metropolitan Magistrate Swayam Siddha Tripathi, who now headed SHO Janakpuri to ensure Bagga’s safety and security.

According to RK Rathore, Punjab Police, the barrister, Bagga through his lawyer had moved the court to Dwarka.

The plea said he was missing or taken by strangers.

Dwarka court issued an order for its production. After that Delhi Police sprung into action and informed Haryana Police of Bagga.

The Punjab police were then arrested and Bagga was released. Since the Metropolitan Magistrate passed this order, Bagga was produced before Tripathi.

Now, the Dwarka court noted in its order that Bagga had apprehension of a similar incident which may happen to him in the near future and therefore SHO Janakpuri should provide full security for him.

“SHO is responsible for making the necessary arrangements for the safety and security of Complainant (Bagga), he is of legal age and is requesting that he be allowed to return home, as he is of legal age, no further orders are required in regarding his stay,” the court noted in its order seen by IANS.