“She has full criminal responsibility” – Medya News

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The Turkish Institute of Forensic Medicine (ATK) has reported that jailed former Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) MP Aysel Tuğluk, who was diagnosed with dementia, bears “full criminal responsibility”, despite continued calls from various human rights organizations for his immediate release. .

Activists also launched a campaign in January for Tuğluk in which thousands of women around the world joined in solidarity to sign an appeal calling for the immediate release of the prominent Kurdish politician who has been jailed in Turkey since December. 2016.

The 25-page report, dated February 4, said Tuğluk had been diagnosed with “mild cognitive impairment”. The report does not express an opinion as to whether Aysel Tuğluk is fit to remain in prison.

Tuğluk’s trial was referred to ATK after lawyers called for her release, saying she was seriously ill and had been ‘diagnosed with dementia’ and it was ‘not possible for her’ to stay alone in prison”.

ATK has completed its report and sent it to court. They said Tuğluk had been under observation between February 1 and February 4. The court will review the report and rule on the early release request, but in light of ATK’s report, a release order is not expected.

20 pages full of accusations

The first 20 pages of the 25-page report only contain a list of charges against Tuğluk in the indictment in the Kobani case. The next two pages list medical reports since his arrest in 2016, from Kocaeli hospitals and the Istanbul Forensic Institute, and only the last three pages contain the results of examinations carried out by ATK.

The ATK is committing a crime

Activists from the ‘1,000 Women for Aysel Tuğluk’ campaign immediately reacted to the report saying that ‘ATK is committing a crime’.

“ATK made a political decision with their report today, in complete disregard for Aysel’s life, despite the existence of various medical reports regarding her serious illness that say she is ‘unfit to remain in prison. ‘The ATK is committing a crime,’ they said.

Advocates for Democracy (DİH) also posted a statement on its Twitter account regarding the report.

“The report is superficial. The forensic medicine institution has not issued a decision on whether Tuğluk is able to defend himself, although it has been requested. Thus, the decision of the ATK, which does not answer the question of the court regarding the defense and does not assess her condition, whether she is fit to remain in prison today, does not make any legal sense”, a declared DİH, adding:

“The Institute has diagnosed him with ‘mild cognitive impairment’. For an individual to be able to defend himself, he must have full cognitive ability and willpower. that Aysel Tuğluk remains in prison due to her state of health, her sentence should be interrupted due to these medical findings and she should be released immediately.

Aysel Tuğluk was arrested along with seven other political figures on December 29, 2016, when she was deputy co-chair of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). She is being held at Kocaeli F-Type Prison. She has been in prison for nearly five years, having been sentenced to ten years for being “the leader of a [terrorist] organization” in 2018.

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