Pokelawls Reveals Medical Diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Disease

During his latest stream, Pokelawls shared his recent medical diagnoses, letting his audience know about the incurable disease he suffers from.

Pokelawls is a very popular Grand Theft Auto 5 Role Play (GTA5 RP) streamer, amassing an audience of nearly one million subscribers on Twitch. He recently shared on Twitter that he was really stressed about personal events in his life.

Today he announced that he will be sharing some good news with his audience, sharing a photo of himself outside a medical biopsy room.

When he started his stream, he told his audience that he had been diagnosed with cancer by a doctor who was later found to be incorrect, relieving him of most of his stress. However, the false diagnosis was replaced with a true one, indicating that Poke has a rare thyroid disease called “Hashimoto’s disease”.

“What I have is called Hashimoto’s disease, a type of thyroid disease.”

Pokelawls shares his diagnosis of incurable Hashimoto’s disease

Poke then remembers what his doctor told him, that there is no known way to prevent the disease from forming. He laughed at the bad luck of it all and was certainly happy he didn’t have cancer.

“Which apparently is something you can’t even prevent. Even if you’re fat or not fat, if you have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, you get it. So I’m out of luck. anyway !”

Besides being seemingly impossible to prevent, the disease has no cure, so it will go away naturally or he will have to deal with symptoms and treatment for the rest of his life. However, the disease is not something that will be fatal on its own, which means he can take the appropriate medication to ease his symptoms.

Some Reddit members shared their reactions to the news, with many happy that Pokelawls’ cancer diagnosis was wrong.

Although the disease is incurable and could stay with him for life, the good news is that doctors found it before negative symptoms began to damage him.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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