PHOTO: Jenelle Evans asks for help with a medical diagnosis


“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans shared photos of her skin problems.

“Teen Mom 2” alum Jenelle Evans shared photos that showed she had skin issues.

The mother of three had a mole removed and also suffered from an unknown rash on her chest. Since doctors didn’t immediately tell her what was wrong, the North Carolina native asked her 2 million followers to help her diagnose via Instagram on November 17, 2021.

“Daily reminder… go get your moles checked every year,” Evans, 29, captioned a photo of an abnormal growth had been removed from his leg. The wound was still healing.

“I don’t have any other photos but it was the ‘freckle’ removed due to asymmetry and half turned dark brown” she captioned a second photo, which showed her holding a fish in a swimsuit. “And for those who ask, I’m still waiting for the results.”

Evans’ third post showed a red rash on his chest. “And for those who ask why I had a check-up. I wonder what it is. This only happens when I go in the sun and itch ”, she said.

“I was suggested to wait until I burst and then call to get a biopsy immediately,” Evans continued. ” I have not done it yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? “

Asking people on Instagram for help was one of Evans’ first posts since she said she was going to take a social media hiatus after her “Stay Cozy” clothing line was canceled.

“My sanity is number 1. Honestly, I’m so depressed I need to get away from social media. Pray for me, thank you, ”she wrote via Instagram stories November 13, 2021.

Evans received comments from his Instagram followers

Some of Evans’ supporters have said she may be suffering from a polymorphic light flare.

The star found the comments helpful, sharing a response from a social media user and saying, “A lot of you are suggesting this. And I think you’re right. I’ll ask my dermatologist.

According to Mayo Clinic, polymorphous lucitis is a “rash caused by the sun.” It may look like tiny red bumps or slightly raised skin. Symptoms, according to the website, include itching or burning and clumps of blisters and small bumps.

“The polymorphic light rash usually goes away on its own without leaving scars within 10 days,” says the Mayo Clinic. “People with severe or persistent rashes may need drug treatment.”

Reddit users laughed at Evans’ rash

A thread on Reddit about Evans’ Instagram post garnered hundreds of responses from “Teen Mom” ​​fans. Some people on the forum, however, poked fun at Evans for talking about his rash.

” My God ! Cover this mess, ”one person wrote. “Have dignity if not for your silly ass. For children, can you stop being a victim long enough to consider them.

There have been a few commentators on the thread who have accused Evans of seeking sympathy. “B **** take a shower, get out of the sun, take some Benadryl and put on the ointment,” they wrote. “Take off that inexpensive necklace while you’re at it.” I’ve never seen anyone want SO MUCH to be sick. It’s disgusting how hungry for attention she is.

Others wondered if the necklace Evans was wearing in the photo could be the cause of the outbreak.

“I get rashes like this when I wear cheap jewelry,” they said. “It must be that necklace.”

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