Oklahoma Jail Co. issues statement after health care provider said it would leave if staff were not increased after hostage-taking

The officer involved in the hostage-taking at the Oklahoma County Detention Center returned from the hospital and is recovering.

The prison administration told News 9 it would hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Staff also sent in new information, including details about the partnership with their healthcare provider.

Monday News 9 learned that the prison provider Turn Key Health had sent the prison a written warning. He said the prison needed to increase its staff, otherwise it would terminate his contract. Turn Key’s main concern was the safety of its staff inside the prison.

However, the prison administrator and Turn Key sent a joint statement on Tuesday. He said the supplier’s warning does not mean he wants to stop serving the detention center.

Instead, Turn Key said they were “committed partners”.

Prison administrator Greg Williams’ part of the statement said they had already found a short-term solution with the Department of Corrections.

The prison statement said they “are actively seeking long-term solutions” but did not go into details.

From Turnkey Health Clinics, CEO Flint Junod

On March 29, Turn Key Health Clinics submitted a Notice of Default to the Oklahoma County Detention Center Jail Administrator. This notice is not evidence of a desire to stop serving the Oklahoma County Detention Center. On the contrary, we remain committed partners with the Oklahoma County Criminal Justice Authority and hope to continue this partnership. All parties hope that this problem can be resolved quickly.

From the Oklahoma County Detention Center, Prison Administrator Greg Williams

We have received advice from Turn Key and understand. We also hope to be able to resolve this issue quickly, as Turn Key Health Clinics is a provider of quality health care for our inmates. The detention center has recognized the personnel issues we face and is committed to resolving them promptly to continue the relationship and ensure the safety of our providers who care for the detainees. We have already taken short-term steps to consolidate our workforce and are actively seeking long-term solutions. To this end, we encourage those who wish to join the new team that we are building at the Oklahoma County Detention Center to join us in fulfilling our mission: to provide protection through effective services and interventions. and efficient leading to less victimization and more personal growth and development. Anyone interested in joining this assignment should apply through our website at: www.okcountydc.net

News 9 has learned that three employees have resigned or tendered their resignations since Sunday.

The prison also sent News 9 a statement about the hostage-taking. For the full version, see below.

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