No medical report: why the Mumbai court rejected the Rana couple’s request to eat at home in prison

Borivali Magistrate’s Court in Mumbai, while rejecting the Rana couple’s request for door-to-door food in prison, said they had not produced any documents explaining how the food served in the prison was inferior standards nor affixed a medical report to clarify why they only needed food at home.

the the court on Friday rejected Navneet Rana, Independent MP for Amravati, and her husband Ravi Rana’s requests for door-to-door food in prison.

The court noted that the Ranas maintained that they practice particular diets, which are home-cooked foods and remedies, in order to maintain the best functioning of mind and body.

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The Rana couple have been in prison for almost a week. While seeking home food in prison, the Ranas’ assertion was that they were elected members of Parliament and the State Assembly and “a person of honor, nobility and gracious dignity”. Therefore, he/she is not able to consume the prison food as he/she has never been exposed to foods outside of his/her diet.

The accused couple further stated that they needed a specific diet to maintain their health, but this was not available to them in judicial custody. As a result, their health was deteriorating day by day.

However, the government litigant had strongly opposed the plea, saying the very request was “unlawful”. The government litigator said that prison authorities provide hygienic food to all prisoners and that providing food from outside goes against “prison security”.

The Metropolitan Magistrate of the 67th Court said that although the Ranas said they followed a specific diet, they had not filed any documents on file to show that they needed a specific diet for their health.

“It is also pertinent to note that there is nothing in the record to show that the food served in prison is substandard or not good. outside the prison goes against the security of the prisoner. In such circumstances, a request made on behalf of the accused to provide food to the home does not seem justified at this stage. The request is likely to be ‘to be dismissed,’ the magistrate said.


The Rana couple were arrested under various sections of the IPC, including those related to sedition and the promotion of enmity between different groups, after they called to recite Hanuman Chalisa outside the chief minister’s private residence from Maharashtra, Uddhav Thackeray, ”Matoshree” in Mumbai. A Mumbai Court of Sessions will deliver its verdict on the Rana couple’s bail applications on May 2.