Murder trial delayed because medical report on guard’s death not released

IPOH: The case in which a businessman was charged with murdering a security guard was set for mention in January next year.

Magistrate Noor Azreen Liana Mohd Darus has set January 12 as the date of the hearing, pending a medical report on the victim.

Deputy prosecutor Sufi Aiman ​​told the court that they are still awaiting the coroner’s report.

Lawyer Mr Kulasegaran, who holds a watch warrant for the family, has asked the court to speed up the process because it is a high-profile case.

Selvam Nadarajah, Omar Kutty, and K. Rubendaran also oversee the family’s brief lawyers.

Ahmad Noor Azhar Muhammad, the accused, was represented by Ariff Azami Hussein.

In December of last year, the 33-year-old accused assaulted a condominium security guard.

Ahmad Noor was indicted on January 6 this year under article 335 of the Criminal Code for causing serious injury.

On September 9, the charge was reformulated to murder after the security guard died on August 27 at his home.

Thava’s death sparked a public outcry for the suspect to be charged with murder.

When met outside the courtroom, Kulasegaran – who had arrived with Thava’s wife E. Philomena – said the case had attracted public attention and therefore needed to be dealt with. quickly.

“If we can get all the documents, including the autopsy and the coroner’s report, the case can go to the High Court quickly.”

“However, since it’s not ready yet, it wastes everyone’s time. We hope the government will take this into account and release the information as quickly as possible. This is the third time that we have been here, ”he said.

Philomène, in tears, demanded that the matter be resolved quickly.

“I want the matter to be settled as soon as possible,” she said.

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