Medical report puts Nimra Kazmi’s age at 17-18, says CHS – Pakistan

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Thursday referred the case of teenager Nimra Kazmi, who disappeared from Karachi and resurfaced in Punjab, to the Magistrate’s Court after a medical report said she was between 17 and 18 years old.

During the last hearing, the CHS had asked the provincial authorities to carry out a medical examination of Nimra to determine her age, because the girl, who was taken into custody in Punjab and brought before the CHS, said that ‘she was an adult and had contracted the marriage of her own free will while the applicant’s lawyer stated that she was a minor.

On Thursday, the investigator handling the case filed the medical report before a two-judge panel headed by Judge Mohammad Iqbal Kalhoro.

The OI said that in view of the medical report and the investigation carried out so far, it would file a report in the court of first instance.

“To the extent that the ancillary issues raised by the parties regarding the custody of Mst. Nimra or his release, etc., we find it proper to refer these matters to the trial court for determination according to law as this petition is only of the nature of habeas corpus: to produce Mst. Nimra in court, which has been done,” the bench said in its order.

He added that the girl said that she entered into marriage with Najeeb Shahrukh of her own free will and was not abducted by him.

While ruling on the petition, the bench remanded the girl to a foster home and said there would be no restrictions on her parents, husband or relative meeting her.

He also asked the trial court to decide the question of his custody or release, etc., in the light of the elements after giving the opportunity to both parties within a reasonable period of time, preferably within a month.

The girl’s mother had petitioned CHS stating that Nimra had disappeared from her home in Saudabad on April 20 and that a case regarding her abduction had been filed at the local police station.

Posted in Dawn, June 3, 2022