Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk “may remain in prison”, says forensic report

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The Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institution released a report regarding the state of health of former Democratic Society Party (DTP) co-chair and MP Aysel TuÄŸluk, who has been behind bars since December 2016. The Institution concluded that “she can lead her life on her own.”

The report stated that “the execution of its [sentence] can continue in prison conditions by allowing her to receive regular treatment and medical check-ups at the polyclinic at recommended intervals. “

As reported by Zemo AÄŸgöz of the Mezopotamya Agency (MA), the Kocaeli Attorney General’s Office rejected Aysel TuÄŸluk’s request for release on the basis of this forensic report.

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HDP: We do not accept the decision

In his statement on the matter, Ãœmit Dede of HDP said:

“The Department of Forensic Medicine at Kocaeli University released a committee report stating that“ his disease has a chronic and progressive course; there may be problems with the adequacy of medical support and care in the conditions of detention; she cannot lead her life alone under the conditions of the penal institution and, therefore, the execution of her sentence should be postponed. ‘

“Immediately after that, her lawyers and the prison administration demanded that Ms. Tuğluk be returned to the Istanbul Forensic Medicine Institution.

“We, as lawyers and the HDP Legal Commission, will insistently follow the necessary administrative, medical and legal means so that the obvious contradiction between the reports of the forensic institutions of Kocaeli and Istanbul is eliminated and until that his legal rights are protected.

“In this context, we declare to the public that the opposition request was submitted today to the Supreme Council of the Forensic Medicine Institution by its lawyers. The decision of the Forensic Medicine Institution regarding Aysel TuÄŸluk is political. We do not accept it. “

What happened?

On December 29, 2016, while she was vice-co-chair of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), Kurdish politician Aysel TuÄŸluk was arrested along with seven other politicians from the Party of Democratic Regions (DBP) and the Congress of Democratic Society ( DTK).

The indictment filed against TuÄŸluk, who was DTK’s co-chair until September 2014, brought her statements to the press as well as the funeral she attended as criminal evidence against the politician.

On March 16, 2018, the 17th Ankara Criminal Court sentenced Aysel TuÄŸluk to 8 years in prison in accordance with Anti-Terrorism Law (TMK) no. 3713. Halving this prison sentence, the court then sentenced the politician to 12 years in prison. Finally, he reduced that prison sentence by one sixth and decided that she would be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

As Aysel TuÄŸluk’s appeal to the Ankara Regional Court of Justice was dismissed, his case was referred to the Court of Cassation.

About Aysel TuÄŸluk


She was a founding member and co-chair of the Democratic Society Party (DTP) and elected Member of Parliament for Diyarbakır in 2007-2009. She became Van deputy of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP) in 2011-2015. She was HDP vice-co-chair responsible for law and human rights.

Aysel TuÄŸluk was also a board member of the Society and Law Studies Foundation, a member of the Human Rights Association (Ä°HD) and founder of the Association of Patriotic Women.

Born in Elazığ in 1965, she graduated from Istanbul University Law School and worked as a freelance lawyer. (RT / SD)