Janesville couple helps Houston after delayed medical appointment | New

HOUSTON (WKOW) – After years of waiting for a stem cell transplant, Brian Templeton, from Janesville, was ready. He was due to attend his meeting in Houston this week when his plans took an unexpected turn as winter hit Texas.

“It was like five flights had been canceled, and I think we have to be there by Wednesday,” his wife Sara Templeton said.

They decided to make the 16 hour trip from Janesville to Houston in difficult conditions.

Brian was diagnosed with refractory Hodgkin lymphoma, a rare form of cancer, two years ago. He recently became a candidate for a clinical trial using stem cells to fight cancer. When they arrived in Houston, they heard more from the cancer center.

“It was Tuesday night and the nurse called and said the clinic was going to be closed the rest of the week because they didn’t have running water,” Sara said.

After watching the news Brian, who is a plumber by trade, took action to try and help people without water. He started calling the local union and contacting Facebook groups to offer his services.

“I am a capable body,” said Brian. It would be nice to go over there and help get the water back on. “

Sara said it was as if the whole town had closed because there was no one to help her.

With free time and a willingness to help, the Templetons turned their efforts elsewhere.

“That’s when we were like, okay, what can we do? So we picked up the trash yesterday,” she said.

After doing his best to help, Brian is due to start testing on Monday.

“I hope this is the cure and that we don’t have to go through cancer stuff anymore,” Sara said.

Brian and Sara hope to see their children again and return to normal life soon. They expect to be back in Wisconsin by April.

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