How parenthood through a difficult medical diagnosis inspired a new way of leading and living

When senior partner Scott Keller’s son Jackson was born, doctors said he wouldn’t be able to perform basic functions, like seeing, talking and walking. Rather than take it for granted, Scott and his wife Fiona sought a solution for their son, eventually finding success through treatment based on the concept of neuroplasticity. With time and hard work, this led to Jackson leading an active life today.


Meet Scott and Jackson Keller

Through this experience, Scott was exposed to a new world of thought related to unlocking human potential. It gave her a new mission in her professional life: to help unlock that potential in the workplace. He founded a practice at McKinsey focused on leadership development and human capital. He focuses on advising CEOs: “Being great in your role is about helping others achieve greatness,” he says. He also co-founded and leads the Parents of Special Children at McKinsey affinity group which supports firm members going through similar experiences in their personal lives. More recently, Scott co-authored a new McKinsey book, CEO Excellence: The Six Mindsets That Set Great Leaders Apart.

Watch his incredible journey, including being a guitarist in a heavy metal band and visiting every country in the world, in the featured video on this page.