Hospital releases medical report and reveals Gutino’s condition

Bruno Silva

expelled from the register? Rinaldo Guetino disappears from the budget and the presenter takes his place

according to Column published directly, Rinaldo Guetino
He was rushed to hospital in Moria, southern Sao Paulo, after experiencing severe chest pain minutes before he went public on Wednesday (23). On the first medical report, it appears that he is still in the hospital.

“Journalist and presenter Reinaldo Guetino was referred this afternoon to Moria Hospital due to chest pain. The patient’s condition is stable and is currently undergoing diagnostic tests. The patient is cared for by the team coordinated by the doctors. Leandro Eschnik (cardiologist) and Fabio Machado (intensive specialist), “we read in the press release. .

Gottino complained of discomfort minutes before going on air. Report intense chest pain and an overwhelming feeling of discomfort.

Friends of the column who work at the station saw that firefighters working at the Barra Fonda facility were transporting Gottino. He was first taken to the clinic, then to Moria Hospital, near Congonhas airport, south of São Paulo.

William Leite, who covered last-minute vacancies and embezzlement, was chosen to replace Gottino in charge of the balance sheet. The column hopes for a speedy recovery to the presenter.