Google will soon allow you to make a medical appointment via the search engine

Google said today that it makes it easier and faster to find appointments for healthcare professionals. Users will be able to check the availability of appointment openings at certain medical facilities and schedule an appointment using a new tool. Google says it’s still in the early stages of implementing this service and is working with its partners, including CVS’s MinuteClinic.

Book an appointment with MinuteClinic right from your phone – Google will soon allow you to book a medical appointment using search. Make an appointment with MinuteClinic directly from your phone. Today is Google’s second annual health event, which it calls The Check Up. Teams from Search, YouTube, Fitbit, Care Studio, Health AI, Cloud and Advanced Technologies and Projects will present on their latest health initiatives. For example, starting this week in Japan, Brazil and India, YouTube is adding health source information panels to videos to help viewers differentiate between real factual medical information and fake information. inventions that you see on social networks.

Google says, “We hope to expand features, functionality, and our partner network to make it easier for people to get the care they need.” Imagine how quick and easy it will be to use your phone to search for MinuteClinic in your city and tap the Appointments tab. This will bring up a list of available appointments for certain conditions which you can book immediately from the screen.

The Fitbit team is also involved. At today’s event, Fitbit co-founder James Park discussed how wearables can help people with chronic conditions, including heart conditions like atrial fibrillation (AFib). A study conducted by Fitbit was able to identify undiagnosed atrial fibrillation in 98% of cases. Google has submitted its algorithm to the FDA for review and hanging out on a limb here, we imagine this algorithm could end up on a Fitbit wearable helping everyday consumers know if they have AFib. This algorithm may also make its way to Wear OS in the future.

So if you’re sick of playing phone games with your doctor’s office, or if you just don’t feel well enough to sit and listen to muzak so bad that even elevators can’t stand to hear those tunes, relief is on the way to Google.

Summary of news:

  • Google will soon allow you to make a medical appointment via the search engine
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