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Prominent lawyer Bert Samuels said the medical report in the case of St Ann’s 13-year-old daughter who was allegedly fucked by five men should give a clear picture of the truth.

In a major development yesterday, the teenage girl who first alleged she was ass fucked by the men allegedly changed her statement.

Five people, two men aged 23 and 20, and three teenagers, one 18 and two 16, were initially charged with kidnapping, sodomy and aggravated sexual assault following allegations that the girl was dragged into an unfinished building and assaulted on April 26. Another suspect has since been taken into custody.

In court on Friday, it was reported that the victim had changed her statement, to say that she had not been abducted as she had voluntarily gone with one of the accused and had never been sodomized.

Linton Bailey, deputy police superintendent in charge of crime in St Ann, and director of public prosecutions Paula Llewellyn both declined to comment on the new development when contacted on Friday afternoon.

Two of the defendants have been offered bail while the others have been remanded in custody and will return to court on Tuesday when their bail requests are due to be heard.

SR Stewart, a lawyer representing one of the defendants who was offered bail on Friday, said he would explore all avenues to bring the plaintiff to justice on charges of perversion.

His client, the 23-year-old accused, was granted bail of $ 350,000.

Talk with The gleaner On Friday night, Samuels suggested that it was not so easy to indict a 13-year-old for trying to hijack the course of justice, because “the charge is not going to lock up a small child for trying to hijack the course of justice. . ”

Samuels said the medical report should play a key role in the outcome of the case as it should give a clear picture of the truth.

“It’s a very complex situation. What’s interesting about all of this is what does the medical evidence say? And to see if the medical evidence shows the girl is lying. For her to say that she was ass fucked by five men, a doctor allegedly testified. We have to see now, what does the medical evidence say? Samuels pointed out.

Further, he said that regardless of how the medical evidence points to the offense, the alleged victim must do so on the witness stand, as the report alone could not be filed in court.

Regarding the initial statement, Samuels suggested that the mother of the child may also have questions to answer.

“This is a 13-year-old boy, the police normally force this person (of this age) to give a statement in the presence of his parents. Assuming the parent was present, then you might find that the mother may need to be investigated to see if she knew the child was lying and had prompted the child to make the statement, ”he said. he declared.

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