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We refer to the letter from Ms. Judy Kwan Huiping, “Made to feel like delinquents at driving center” (December 2).

On November 26, Ms. Kwan and her son were at the Woodlands Circuit, Singapore Safety Driving Center to submit a medical report to request an exemption for him from further simulator training.

The driving tester explained to Ms Kwan why the medical report submitted by her son could not be accepted because key information was missing.

We agree that the tester could have been more tactful and we apologize to Ms. Kwan and her son for the unpleasant experience.

We have since met Ms. Kwan and her son in person and explained the process for requesting a simulator training exemption.

It is compulsory under road traffic rules (motor vehicles, driving license) for all apprentice motorists to complete three simulator training modules before being able to apply for their practical driving or driving test.

However, if a learner motorist does not feel well during the training or shortly after the training, he can apply to be exempted from the additional simulator training by submitting a prescribed medical assessment form which must be completed by a physician. or a specialist registered in Singapore.

Alternatively, the learner motorist must provide a medical report which includes an assessment by a physician of the state of health of the learner motorist, and specify whether he is fit to continue simulator training and fit to drive a vehicle.

You can find more information on our Singapore Police Online Services website. The prescribed medical assessment form can be obtained from the traffic police service counter or simulator training instructors at any driving center.

Brenda Ong (alternate)

Deputy Director (Public Communications Division)

Department of Public Affairs

Singapore Police