Former Forsyth County Jail doctor disputes John Neville’s cause of death. | criminality

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In court documents, Thornton and Milak describe Neville as “combative” when Heughins attempted to provide medical treatment.

According to the lawsuit, Neville was handcuffed, placed in a restraint chair and taken to a multi-purpose room on another floor of the prison. The lawsuit says that during transport Neville defecated on himself but nothing was done.

In the multi-purpose room, Heughins tried to take Neville’s pulse again while Neville was in the restraint chair, with ankle straps and handcuffed behind his back. According to Thornton and Milak, Neville was taken to another cell and placed face down on a mattress for the purpose of further observation.

They said Heughins was not allowed to enter the cell as detention officers attempted to remove the handcuffs. One handcuff key broke and another handcuff key and bolt cutter did not work. One of the detention officers had to go get another bolt cutter, which worked.

According to the lawsuit and the video, Neville said he couldn’t breathe at least 28 times. The lawsuit said that at one point Roussel told Neville he was breathing because he could speak.

In his response, Roussel said he did not remember what he said.

According to Wellpath, once the handcuffs were removed, Heughins entered the room and checked Neville’s pulse before being ordered to leave the room. Thornton and Milak said she looked out a window and when she saw that Neville did not appear to be breathing, she asked to be reintroduced to the cell and immediately began to work to save Neville’s life. .

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