February 10: Delayed on the way to a medical appointment by convoy, a reader asks whose freedom is being violated, along with more letters from Niagara to the editor

Protests leading to anarchy

D: Niagara Truckers Join ‘Freedom Convoy’ Across Country January 27

These protests against road convoys must end.

On Jan 23 we got stuck in one from Niagara Falls to St Catharines using all lanes. The so-called “slow roller” even blocked the left lane, which is supposed to be left open for emergency vehicles, or so the protest organizers led us to believe.

Not true. We couldn’t make it and I had a very important medical appointment in Oakville.

What about my rights?

They are selfish and irresponsible unlike those who are responsible by getting vaccinated. Only then can restrictions be safely lifted and we can return to a somewhat normal world.

These protesters want anarchy, not the freedom I saw on TV. A deadly virus doesn’t care about freedom.

Enforce existing laws against protesters

D: Allison adds name to Hillier convoy statementFebruary 7

I write about the demonstrations and protests that continue to cause problems for many communities and businesses across the country. I’m not suggesting anyone deny these people the right to protest legally and peacefully.

But I assume the laws against urinating and defecating in public are still in effect? How about obstructing traffic on a public road? Threatening people who refuse to feed you without being paid? Threaten verbally and sometimes physically the press as it tries to do its job?

I know that may not be an identical comparison to when Justin’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was prime minister. Then we had the October crisis. The Prime Minister’s solution then was to call in the army.

I am not suggesting that Justin Trudeau do this, but at least insist that the authorities enforce all laws as they are required to do.

Without this action, we slide into anarchy.

It seems to me that the real people who have a grievance are not the protesters but the innocent citizens of the cities, the business owners of those cities and the vast majority of the Canadian public who still believe in respecting others and respecting law.

The protesters did not win sympathy for their cause. On the contrary, they have lost the support of many shocked and disgusted Canadians who once backed them.

Who ate the houses?

D: Baby boomers are staying put as Niagara real estate inventory remains lowFebruary 7

The idea that Niagara’s baby boomers “not selling their homes” might be the cause of the area’s low housing stock is the kind of conclusion reached by avoiding the 800-pound gorilla known as Airbnb.

Where have all the houses gone?


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