Farrukh says Nawaz submitted ‘no’ medical report to LHC – Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Information Farrukh Habib said on Thursday that ex-Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had not submitted any medical report to the Lahore High Court (LHC), but rather the opinion of an American doctor, Dr. Shawl.

Speaking to reporters after the inauguration of a photo exhibit in connection with Kashmir Day to be held on February 5, he wondered how an American doctor who is not even registered in England had published a such report.

How can an American doctor practice in the UK, he said, adding that if Nawaz Sharif can travel for five hours, he can come to Pakistan by air ambulance.

He said the elder Sharif should either return the money or be prepared to go to jail, adding that there was no other option with him as long as Prime Minister Imran Khan was there.

Earlier, speaking at the event, he said no leader has fought the case of the Kashmiri people better than Prime Minister Imran Khan in international forums.

He said Prime Minister Khan had presented the case of Kashmir in all international forums including the UN, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and in bilateral meetings with world leaders.

He said the prime minister exposed the Narendra Modi government’s tyrannical atrocities in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir, due to which international media also started highlighting the issue.

The international community must also keep its eyes and ears open, he said, adding that the Kashmir issue must be resolved in accordance with UN resolutions, which promise to give the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination. .

“We feel the plight of Kashmiri mothers and sisters, Pakistan has always raised its voice against the human rights abuses committed by Indian occupying forces,” he said.

He said more than eight million Kashmiris had become prisoners after India’s August 5 stop and subsequent lockdown, adding that neither media was free nor social media functional in Indian-occupied Kashmir. .

He said Modi’s RSS mindset could be judged by the ongoing form of oppression and barbarism in Kashmir.

He said that tens of thousands of Kashmiris had been martyred by the trigger-happy Indian occupying forces, adding that they had martyred the young icon of the freedom struggle Burhan Wani, but that they could not remove the voice of Kashmiri because every young Kashmiri was fighting for freedom.

“Kashmir lives in the hearts of Pakistanis all over Pakistan and the world and we stand with them,” he added.

He said Pakistan has highlighted the Kashmir issue at every forum, it would also be discussed during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China.

Habib also visited the photography exhibition and showed great interest in the photographs. Participants also saw a documentary on Indian atrocities and barbarism titled “Kashmir’s Story”.

The Minister of State also distributed prizes to those who held important positions in the painting competitions among the students.

The Electronic Media and Publications Directorate organizes a photo exhibit on Solidarity Day every year to highlight Indian atrocities.

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