Fani-Kayode’s medical report is fake, Abuja hospital tells court

Kubwa General Hospital, Abuja, told a Lagos State Special Offenses Court sitting in Lagos on Wednesday that a medical report presented to the court by a former aviation minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, had not been issued by him.

Hospital management testified through the hospital’s medical records officer, Bassey Amah, while testifying as a witness in the former minister’s ongoing trial over allegations of forgery.

Amah, who is the first prosecution witness in the case, said Fani-Kayode is not a hospital patient and has no medical records at the hospital.

Recall that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) brought Fani-Kayode before Judge Olubunmi Abike-Fadipe on 12 counts of obtaining a “fabricated” medical report and using the false document.

The anti-corruption agency had specifically accused Fani-Kayode of recruiting a Dr Ogieva Oziegbe to issue the fake medical report, which he allegedly presented to a Federal High Court in Lagos where he is currently on trial before Judge Daniel Osiagor for suspected money laundering.

The accused, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge.

When the hearing resumed on Wednesday, Amah claimed that the doctor who allegedly signed the medical report was not a doctor at Kubwa General Hospital.

During his deposition by the EFCC lawyer, Rotimi Oyedepo, the witness said: “Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode has no file with Kubwa General Hospital”.

He further stated that the hospital on October 3, 2021 received a letter from the EFCC to investigate the authenticity of a medical report on Fani-Kayode.

Amah said the hospital’s investigation revealed that the accused had no records with the facility.

He also argued that the medical report allegedly from the hospital is an act of forgery, adding that “the document is not authentic”.

When Oyedepo attempted to deliver the letter of request written to the hospital by the EFCC, dated October 3, 2021 and the response to the letter from Kubwa General Hospital dated October 13, 2021, the defense attorney , Norrison Quakers (SAN) objected to the admissibility of the documents.

Quakers based their objection on the premise that the witness in the box was not the author of the document.

The lead attorney said “the witness introduced himself as Bassey Amah, he’s not the author, he can’t even testify on the document.”

But Oyedepo urged the court to overrule the objection, “the document presented is a public document. It was from Kubwa General Hospital and the witness testified under oath.

“He testified to how they received the document, how it was investigated and how the letter was prepared.”

Counsel for the EFCC argued that by the role the witness played in the making of the document, “he is the maker, he can also be described as the maker of the document. It is relevant to the fact of the problem.

Judge Abike-Fadipe ruled in favor of the EFCC, finding that “The letter was issued by the medical director. The hospital itself cannot come to testify and can only do so through a human staff member.

She ruled: “I am satisfied that the witness in the stand is competent to testify.

Oyedepo, leading the witness, asked, “Do you know Abdulrazak Jimoh?”

He replied, “He is on staff at Kubwa General Hospital.

Has your institution issued another medical report regarding this defendant?

He replied “No”

The prosecutor, questioning the head of the medical records department further on the position of the hospital, on documents previously admitted and annotated by the judge, the witness continued, “as I said earlier, Mr. Fani- Kayode is not our patient and does not have a medical report in our hospital.

“The name isn’t even there.”

The witness also said, “The doctor who signed the medical report is not our doctor.

“The number is not our hospital unit number.”

He added that he does not know a certain Tochukwu Eze at the hospital where he works as head of medical records.

“I do not know him.”

Do you know Dr. Ogieva Oziegbe?

“Yes, he was at Kubwa General Hospital.”

The judge adjourned the case to February 25, 2022 for further trial.