Disputes rise over mandatory issuance of medical diagnostic records for pets

A dog is treated at an animal shelter in Chuncheon, 85 kilometers northeast of Seoul, in this file photo taken on May 20, 2020 (Yonhap)

SEOUL, 3 Dec. (Korea Bizwire)Amid a growing number of medical disputes over the treatment of pets, some Korean pet owners say the issuance of medical diagnostic records for pets should be mandatory.

Unlike general practitioners who are obliged to issue diagnostic medical records under current laws, veterinarians do not have such obligations.

Previously, the National Assembly attempted to revise the system by amending the veterinary law, but the attempt was unsuccessful due to strong opposition from veterinarians. The main reason for their strong opposition is concern over drug abuse.

If it becomes mandatory to issue medical diagnostic records which may contain detailed information about the treatment process and the types of drugs used, this could lead some pet owners to abuse the drugs through self-diagnosis.

The Veterinary Medical Association has claimed that unlike drugs for humans, pet drugs can be easily purchased at pharmacies without a prescription.

“If diagnostic medical records are open to the public, some animal owners may attempt to treat their animals on their own based on previous records, which would upset the veterinary medical system,” an association official said. .

Veterinary pharmacists, however, have different opinions. Kim Sung-jin, vice president of the Korean Association of Veterinary Pharmacies, disagreed with the position put forward by the Association of Veterinary Doctors.

“Even though pet owners know what medications are used from diagnostic medical records, many cannot be purchased without a prescription from a veterinarian. As a result, the risk of drug abuse is not high.

JS Shin ([email protected])