Daman now offers instant medical appointments

The National Health Insurance Company – Daman has partnered with the UAE’s Okadoc instant medical appointment booking platform, which is easily accessible to insured members through Daman’s mobile app.

This strategic partnership gives Daman’s Enhanced and Abu Dhabi Basic plan members hassle-free visibility of the healthcare providers included in their policy network, and they can refine their search based on location, specialty and type. tongue. With just a few clicks, patients can book appointments, receive reminders, reschedule or cancel – all on the go.

Rashed Al Neyadi, Executive Director of Information Technology at National Health Insurance Company – Daman, said: “Booking and managing doctor’s appointments has never been easier thanks to this new partnership. We firmly believe that smart and application-based technologies are the future of the healthcare industry. By leveraging our 15 years of local and international expertise and being open to working with innovative partners, such as Okadoc, we are well positioned to take it to the next level and set industry standards.

“We pride ourselves on our experience in delivering exceptional digital experiences to our members, which is part of our strategy of focusing on innovation and empowering our people to be creative and innovative in all areas of their work, and we believe self-service is a natural extension of our smart services.

Fodhil Benturquia, CEO and Founder of Okadoc, added: “Delivering a seamless patient experience starts with hassle-free doctor appointments. Accessibility to online health services helps patients stay better connected and gives them the impression of having more control over their time. Our strategic partnership with Daman marks the first of many such collaborations with insurers. The fact that the former was with the UAE’s leading insurance provider makes it even more exciting. With this partnership, we have reached patients wherever they are, on desktop or mobile applications, the application of the health organization or as is currently the case, with the application of the insurer- sickness.

At the launch, more than 50% of the preferred network of hospitals and doctors of Daman members have already signed up for direct appointment booking through the Daman app, a number that is increasing hour by hour. This includes the Health Plus Clinic, Mediclinic and Medcare hospitals. Healthcare providers in the Daman network, who are not currently on the Okadoc platform, can register for the service free of charge, in order to facilitate the appointment process for Daman members via the applications and benefit from the platform.

Daman members are encouraged to download Daman’s mobile app via iOS and Android. Tradearabia information service