Court orders medical report on Marry Mubaiwa after hearing from terrified doctors

HARARE – Sick Marry Mubaiwa has been unable to obtain a medical affidavit detailing the extent of her lymphedema because doctors are terrified of her husband, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who is also Minister of Health, has a court declared on Monday.

Mubaiwa’s lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa threatened to remove her bandages so the court could assess her condition – but Harare magistrate Noel Mupeiwa stepped in and issued a court order requiring doctors to submit an affidavit medical.

The arguments in court came as Mubaiwa requested a postponement of her trial for allegedly assaulting her former nanny of at least two months.

Mubaiwa is struggling with severe lymphedema which has resulted in large open sores on both arms.

Prosecutor Netsai Mushayabasa refused to admit that Mubaiwa was too ill to stand trial without documentary evidence from the doctors treating her.

Mtetwa told the court that several doctors she had contacted refused to give her a medical report saying they feared Chiwenga.

“She needs at least two months and hopes her condition will improve for the trial to take place. The doctor looking after her said she needed to rest, ”said Mtetwa.

“We are very happy to remove his bandages so you can see the wounds. The state cannot make sensitive comments about the accused who is not feeling well. The implication that she is well can be cured by removing her bandages from her arm and thigh to prove that she is in pain and that she has had surgery on her thigh and left hand.

“Doctors fear her powerful husband. The accused has absolutely nothing to gain by feigning illness. She is eager to close this deal.

Magistrate Mupeiwa said it would not be necessary to remove the bandages.

“The court steps in and makes an order requiring the doctor to provide a medical affidavit. If he fails, she will be in contempt of court. It is in the interests of the accused, of society and of justice. The order is given that it be examined and that a report be prepared, ”Mupeiwa said.

Mupeiwa then postponed the case until October 6, 2021.

Mubaiwa was accused of assaulting her former kindergarten teacher Delight Munyoro, 37, at Hellenic School in Borrowdale in January last year.

Munyoro claimed that Mubaiwa hit her on the cheek with the back of her hand after arriving at school demanding to see her two children who had been taken away by Chiwenga. Munyoro told police the blow loosened his teeth and left him with a cut on his lips.

Mubaiwa is currently on bail facing a slew of other charges, including fraud, money laundering and attempted murder after Chiwenga claimed to attempt to kill him in a South African hospital in 2019. L The National Prosecution Authority said it was not ready to stand trial on these people. charges due to delays in extraterritorial investigations.