Chris Lane’s Wife Lauren Lane Reveals Medical Diagnosis During Pregnancy

by Chris Lane spouse, Lauren Bushnell Lane opens up about her pregnancy and revealed that she was diagnosed with a condition called marginal umbilical cord insertion.

Lauren, who is currently 20 weeks pregnant according to her Instagram Stories, detailed her diagnosis in a series of Instagram Stories on Tuesday, June 7.

“I realized the last thing I posted was this picture of me looking really rough in the hospital. But, the first 13 weeks were way worse this time around. I just I felt like I was way sicker. I threw up way more often, hence a hospital visit,” she revealed, adding, “Luckily now I feel so much better.”

The single person the alumni then revealed her pregnancy status to her 1.5 million followers in the hope that someone else had experienced the same thing.

“I was recently diagnosed with what’s called marginal cord insertion. I was incredibly stressed when my doctor told me this, but I’m trying to stay optimistic,” Lauren admitted. just wondering if anyone else here has been diagnosed with this and how it was for you and your pregnancy.”

According to her doctor, she will have to have an ultrasound every four weeks for the rest of her pregnancy.

“Looks like I just need to be watched more often. So far, the baby is in very good health. Seems to measure big, measure a little big if anything, so it’s such a blessing,” she said.

According to the Birth Injury Help Center, marginal umbilical cord insertion “occurs when the cord attaches to the side of the placenta rather than in the middle of the central placental mass. Marginal cord insertion is considered abnormal and occurs in about 9 out of 100 pregnancies.”

Before signing, Lauren added: “Again, I try to stay optimistic, but I know it can lead to complications. So just say a few prayers for us.

Chris Lane and Lauren Lane announced they were expecting their second child earlier this week in a People exclusive.

“To be completely honest, I’ve never been so shocked in my entire life, because it was such an unexpected surprise,” Lauren said. People. “We planned to have at least two children, so we are very grateful that this was able to happen for us, even if it was not necessarily at our exact timing. We are both incredibly excited.

Their new bundle of joy will join their son, Dutton Walker Lane, who arrived in June 2021 and will celebrate his first birthday later this week.

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