Check if your doctor or healthcare provider is legitimate

Most people trust providers listed in their insurance network, hospital group, or even state licensing agencies, but experts say the best way to monitor a medical provider is to make your own. research.

Vampire facelifts, stem cell injections, laser treatments and more are all procedures performed by a woman who Polk County MPs say is a fake nurse.

On Tuesday, Jesusadelaida “Jesse” Lopez, 39, was arrested on six counts of unauthorized practicing health care. Lopez worked at a weight loss clinic in Winter Haven called “Dr. Drop It Like It’s Hot ”on Cypress Gardens Boulevard.

Detectives say she worked with a licensed doctor, Kamal Ashraf. He was also arrested Tuesday on a felony charge for knowingly employing an unauthorized person in nursing practice.

So how do you know if the healthcare professional you are talking to is legitimate?

Most people trust providers listed in their insurance network, hospital group, or even state accreditation agencies, but there’s a lot of oversight and experts say the best way to vet a provider is health care is to do your own research.

There are a lot of options.

Check with the state medical board first. You can find it by going to the Florida Department of Health website.

We spoke with Tampa plastic surgeon Joseph J. Castellano. While he has given plenty of tips on how to choose the right cosmetic surgeon for your needs,

He says that once you determine if your supplier is licensed, that doesn’t mean they perform these procedures every day.

“I am certified in general surgery. Despite this certification, you wouldn’t want me to operate on your pancreas? Why? Because my area of ​​expertise is cosmetic surgery, ”he said.

Castellano says it’s best to ask questions before making an appointment.

“Ask your doctor’s office who I am meeting with?” How many times have they done this procedure? How long have they been working, “he said,” if you get some hindsight you might want to look elsewhere. “

Another tip is to watch patient reviews. You can go to sites like:

Beware of places listed as clinics or day spas offering medical services.

For added peace of mind, you can always research your doctor’s criminal history by going to the county jail website or even the state corrections department.

Medicare also has a website – Physician Compare – which compares performance scores of physicians.

To learn more about Castellano, visit its website.

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