Captain Joshi Died by Drowning in Ranjit Sagar: Medical Report | Chandigarh News

CHANDIGARH: Captain Jayant Joshi (27) of the Army’s 254th Aviation Squadron at Mamun Cantt in Pathankot died of a “wet drowning” in Lake Ranjit Sagar in Jammu and Kashmir on August 3, 2021, after the Rudra attack helicopter he was flying as co-pilot had crashed into the lake during an operational sortie. His body was recovered from the lake 76 days after the helicopter crash.
These are the findings of the “Histopathologic and Toxicological Examination Report” issued by the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) of the Indian Air Force based in Bengaluru. “The multiple injuries sustained by the deceased, described in paragraph 8(c) above, although severe, could have survived.
However, these injuries could have impaired survivability in the water by affecting the crew’s ability to swim and perform effective self-rescue to avoid drowning,” reads the medical report from the first institute. of aviation medicine in the country. The report highlights that Capt Jayant had suffered a fracture to his left clavicle (clavicle) and two fractures to his right femur (femur) that may have been due to contact with the hard object of the aircraft or the environment during impact. .
“The autopsy report dated 18 October 21 mentions ‘bilateral lungs floating in water’. However, lung histopathology revealed findings suggestive of wet drowning,” the report read. autopsy was carried out by Pathankot Military Hospital 167 on October 18 last year.
Thus, the IAM medical report confirms the assertion of Captain Jayan’s father – Harish Chander Joshi – that his son would have survived if he had received basic lifesaving equipment while hovering over the body of water during the aeronautical training outing. Army authorities have now shared the IAM medical report dated November 9 last year with Capt Jayant’s family at their request.