Baby ‘kidnapped’ by authorities for missed medical appointment, lawyer says

Baby Cyrus was taken from his parents by authorities the same day his mother canceled a child’s scheduled medical check-up appointment because she was not feeling well, said grandfather Diego Rodriguez of baby Cyrus.

The baby was returned to her parents after seven days in state custody, thanks to overwhelming support from individuals, organizations and some lawmakers, Rodriguez said on EpochTV.Crossroads” program.

Baby Cyrus, raised by Rodriguez’s daughter Marissa and her husband, had been exclusively breastfed until he was about seven and a half months old, when parents began introducing him to solid foods, Rodriguez said.

The baby did not tolerate solid food well and started to vomit, the grandfather continued, so the parents started seeing different doctors and specialists to diagnose the baby’s digestive problem.

At some point, the baby was hospitalized and the hospital did all kinds of lab tests on the baby to try to determine the cause of this food intolerance, but found nothing abnormal, Rodriguez said.

“[The hospital] even said by their own admission that as far as lab tests and a blood test go, he’s one of the healthiest babies they’ve ever seen.

The hospital then released the baby in good health and wanted to do some tests on him, Rodriguez said. Cyrus was discharged from the hospital on Friday and the following Monday visited Functional Medicine in Idaho for magazines recommended by the hospital, the grandfather continued the story.

The exam went well and the next visit was scheduled for Thursday, he said. However, on Wednesday, Cyrus fell ill again and vomited, so on Thursday the nurse practitioner doing the exam determined that “baby Cyrus had lost 35 grams, which equals 1.23 ounces,” said Rodriguez, adding that the nurse ordered Marissa to bring the baby in for a weight check the next day and the mother agreed.

The next day, Marissa woke up feeling a bit uneasy, so she called the doctor’s office to cancel her baby’s scheduled 10 a.m. appointment, the grandfather said. The doctor’s office called her later but she did not answer the call as she was sleeping, he added.

At 10:20 a.m. on March 11, the nurse practitioner notifies Child Protective Services (SCS). The CPS contacted the mother by text message and sent two police cars to escort her and the baby to an abuse center, but the baby’s father Cyrus refused to go there, Rodriguez said.

Since the mother started feeling better, she wanted to visit a family friend who was a former police officer to tell him about this unexpected turn of events, Rodriguez said. “She was obviously shaken by that point.”

The family had dinner with their friend at his home, but when they left they realized their truck was being tracked by police at a gas station around the corner, Rodriguez said.

“You can see on the video at that time, [the police] pick up my son in law, they pulled them out of the truck, pinned them against a truck, handcuffed them, took them away, arrested my other daughter sitting in the front seat…you can see in the video exactly how they abused her , abused her, falsely accused her, then arrested her for no reason.

Miranda Chavoya, aunt of baby Cyrus. Crossroads/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

Miranda Chavoya, Marissa’s sister, told EpochTV, “Crossroadsprogram that the police tried to arrest her first because they mistakenly mistook her for Cyrus’ mother.

When she asked the police what crime she had committed and refused to get out of the truck, the officers forcibly dragged her outside, Chavoya said. After the officers realized their mistake, they arrested her anyway “for resisting and obstructing”, she added.

People at the gas station began filming the police action, Rodriguez said, adding that he was also filming.

Marissa was invited into the ambulance with baby Cyrus and promised she would not be separated from her baby, the grandfather said. Once the mother entered the ambulance, the EMT officer demanded that she give Cyrus to the EMT and threatened her with arrest if she did not comply, Rodriguez explained, adding that the scene inside the ambulance was also recorded on video.

The EMT officer told Marissa inside the ambulance according to the video, “You have an option at this point. you have to give it to him [baby Cyrus] at the EMT and you can continue on your merry way with your friends and family. …Or I’ll take it away from you and you go to jail. You have to make this decision.

“I won’t let him go,” Marissa replied and the officer took her baby away, according to the video.

“They can’t do these things in front of the cameras,” the grandfather said. “They’re not afraid of breaking the Constitution, they’re not afraid of hurting people…they’re afraid of cameras,” Rodriguez noted.

After forcibly snatching baby Cyrus from her hands, they handcuffed her and took her outside where they humiliated and groped her, which was also caught on video, Rodriguez said. “Male officers patted her entire body, putting their hands on her shirt, her blouse, her pants and rubbing each other.”

The Epoch Times contacted the Idaho Department of Health and Wellness and Idaho Functional Medicine for comment.

Baby Cyrus is reunited with his parents

The same evening, Ammon Bundya good family friend of Rodriguez, went with others to the hospital where the baby was being held to protest the kidnapping of Cyrus, Rodriguez said.

Bundy – a well-known activist who is running for governor of Idaho as an independent – ​​asked the hospital to return baby Cyrus, but he was arrested there for trespassing, the grandfather said, claiming that Bundy’s arrest was unlawful based on a video. record of this event.

Bundy’s arrest became national news, as did the story of baby Cyrus, Rodriguez said. “The next morning we send alerts to everyone we know. We have quite a visible audience here with political actions that we’ve done here before.

“The next morning there were more than 400 people in the hospital protesting, and they protested non-stop every day for seven days,” the grandfather said.

The hospital was inundated with phone calls and thousands of emails from concerned people. Lawmakers “whose hearts were involved” were talking behind the scenes to the hospital administration and the Department of Health and Welfare, and national interest groups were spreading information about the abduction and also contacted the hospital.

Due to national and even global negative publicity, baby Cyrus was transferred from the hospital to the Department of Health and Welfare, Rodriguez said.

Due to the overwhelming number of phone calls, emails and hundreds of outside protesters, the institution said it could not function normally and returned baby Cyrus to the parents after seven days. Rodriguez said. “But he is technically the legal property of the State of Idaho, simply in the current custody of his parents until the next arbitration hearing, which will be on April 8.”

Chavoya said the support they received at that time “gave our family so much strength to get through everything that happened that week. [and helped] everyone to keep a clear mind, because [kidnapping Cyrus] was just a shock.

Legal aspects of removing a child from his parents

Epoch Times Photo
Attorney Colton Boyles. (Crossroads/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

Cyrus’ parents have been placed under gag order so they cannot talk about their child’s case. Attorney Colton Boyles, the family’s attorney, said on EpochTV, “Crossroadsprogram that this Idaho law is supposed to protect the privacy of parents and children. So if the parents want to give up their privacy and that of their children, Boyles said, he’s not aware of any other legal argument preventing the parents from talking about the case in public.

Rodriguez said that, based on his findings, state medical abduction is truly “state-subsidized child trafficking.” Child trafficking is defined as “the forcible removal of a child from his or her parents or family and [it] in the hands of someone else for profit,” he explained.

“What we have determined why this is happening is because every state in the union, all 50 states are paid by the federal government when a child is removed from parental custody by the State. …Once they place that child in foster care, they receive a secondary payment.

If the child is in foster care, the state is paid monthly, Rodriguez said.

What foster parents receive from the government is only a small percentage of the amount the state receives from the federal government for that child care, he added.

Boyles said he would agree with Rodriguez’s assessment ‘under certain circumstances’ and added: ‘I would go so far as to say it’s a state and government funded kidnapping system. federal.”

The lawyer, however, stressed that it was “a medical kidnapping, not trafficking. It’s a subsidized medical kidnapping, which could lead to trafficking.

“We need a system to control it because we know there are vulnerable people out there,” Boyles said.

There is precedent from the Ninth Circuit Court that has stood for 20 to 30 years that does not allow law enforcement to remove a child from his or her parents without a court order, unless serious bodily harm is imminent. , Boyles said.

Proving the child is safe should be the responsibility of law enforcement, not the parents, Boyles said. “It has long-term traumatic potential for this family, both the parents and the children. So I really feel innocent until presumed guilt is the norm here and not the other way around.

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