A flawed medical report destroys a young man’s future. He lost his job and fell into a spiral of financial debt

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A digestive system consultant, working at a famous private hospital in the western region, terminated the future of a young man, who worked in a Saudi bank, when he delivered a medical report to him stating that he had an incurable disease; Which caused his dismissal from his job, psychological damage and financial debts before the medical commissions of the Ministry of Health decided that he did not complain of any incurable disease; To begin his journey and his sufferings to recover his material and moral rights.

In detail, the citizen (H. S) revealed to “Previously”: I am the head of the family, and the father of a young child. My future was very bright – praise and gratitude to God -; I graduated from the Institute of Public Administration, and I have ten years of banking experience, and I work in one of the commercial banks in Makkah Al-Mukarramah – all praise and gratitude be to Allah – and God wanted to afflict His servant; I contracted colitis in late 2018 and part of my colon was removed in mid 2019 at a private hospital, and God blessed me with a full recovery after that, to God be the glory and peace praise at one of the leading medical centers in Jeddah.

The citizen added: I have completed my path in life as I was – thank God – and after examining the doctor who oversaw my previous medical condition in early 2021, only to do a routine checkup and be reassured that I was in good health and had fully recovered, thank God he told me if I wanted to be more sure and reassured, go to the gastroenterology department The consultant received me, and there l he story started with a painful shock telling me that I needed to do an endoscopy, and take a sample so the lab could actually confirm it.

He continued: The sample was taken, and the doctor informed me that the old disease did not exist, and that I was completely cured of it, but the great disaster was to tell me that there is a chronic disease that causes disability and has no cure, called “Kronz”, and his condition said (Write your will and prepare for the next stage of your life). You will be helpless. Indeed, the report was delivered, and the doctor informed my employer of the impossibility of my treatment, and that I was totally unable to work. Here I entered a catastrophic phase, and my soul was very destroyed, and I lost my job, and my condition hurt me, but thank God always and forever. My salary and my psychological isolation led me to an unknown destiny.

And the citizen said: I asked my master and sir, the guardian of the two holy mosques, King Salman – may God protect him – a request for treatment, and the noble royal order was issued to treat me at the expense of the state within two working days, and there is no stranger.

He continued: When the procedures related to the retirement due to medical disability began and the letters from the famous private hospital in Jeddah, the local bank issued an official report of disability with total disability; I was terminated based on the special report from the hospital, and after my services were terminated by the bank, my papers were transferred to the social insurance primary and appeal medical boards, and I was re-examined to ensure the validity of the report issued by the hospital with total disability. Illness, and that I’m healthy, and I don’t have a permanent disability, and that the doctor made a mistake.

He said: I went to the famous hospital, and I filed a complaint, they told me that it was true, and that when they learned that the contract of the doctor who had caused the destruction of my professional life had been terminated, they said to go to file a complaint with the department via 937 to obtain psychological and financial compensation for the mistake. I went there, an investigation was opened, and the transaction was saved without any decision being made or even referring to me. Another complaint was filed, and it was registered without even coming back to me.

He emphasized: Here I submitted my grievance to my Lord, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud – may God protect him and his patronage –. This is not strange, because within two working days the royal decision of inquiry and follow-up was issued by the highest executive authority in my country, which studies, finalizes and issues its decision within two days. open.