5 steps to prepare for your online medical appointment

5 steps to prepare for your online medical appointment | Norton Healthcare Louisville, Ky.

Follow these steps to make sure you’re ready for a safe and secure virtual visit with your healthcare provider.

If you’re new to telehealth, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 tips for a smooth telehealth appointment

  • Prepare as you would for a normal visit. Have a list of what you would like to discuss with your supplier. Think about the best way to describe the symptoms.
  • Be prepared to take your own temperature and heart rate. If you have a thermometer or a smartwatch, this will help. Otherwise, your provider can help you take your own pulse.
  • Use a private, well-lit room. If your provider needs to perform a physical exam during a telehealth visit, they should see you well. Have a flashlight handy to highlight particular problem areas.
  • Make sure everything is working fine. Do you have a strong internet connection? Are your computer or phone microphone and speaker working? Is the camera working? If you’ve made a successful conference call for work or with friends, you should be fine.
  • If you use Norton Telehealth, take a few minutes to review the best ways to get connected.


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