100 YEARS: A routine medical appointment turns into a birthday party | KTVE

MONROE, Louisiana (KTVE / KARD) – What was supposed to be a normal doctor’s appointment has turned into a surprise birthday party for Ms Catherine Bryant who turned 100.

Ms. Bryant is celebrating her 100th birthday with her doctors and family.

Doctors, nurses and family all came together to surprise Ms Bryant on her 100th birthday. We were able to ask a few people what Ms. Bryant means to them and what they have to say will strike your heart.

“She comes from the world. I mean, she taught me a lot. When you meet someone with all the love they have, there is nothing you can do but love them. It was as if the Lord had sent you here to take care of me. She asked me, just promise me you’ll never leave me? Says Mary Anderson, certified nursing assistant.

Many doctors and nurses in attendance helped take care of her as she battled COVID-19.

Catherine Bryant spoke briefly about the fight against the virus and said: “I have lived it like a summit.”

Bryant’s daughter Eletha Murray said: “The fact that she’s still around even during Covid says a lot about who she is and what she’s made of. I say all the time, ‘the things that it’s made with, they don’t do it anymore’.

Bryant’s granddaughter, Tonietha Hunter, says, “She’s got a lot of wisdom. I like to go and sit down and talk to her. This is my darling, this is my baby. For me, I think anyone is her favorite in front of her, but for me, I’m still the favorite grandchild.

Turning 100 is something Ms. Bryant has always prayed for.

Her daughter says she is thankful to still have her mother around: “Oh, thankful to God that he allowed her to be here for 100 years. As far back as I can remember when she was little she always said it was something she prayed for. She always said, ‘I’ve been asking God for 100 years.’ “

We asked her what is her secret to looking so young and her response was, “Well, what if you want to know the real truth? God first. Whenever you serve the Lord, the Lord wants you to serve Him, not yourself. “

One thing everyone can agree on is that Ms. Bryant still has the moves and still looks like she’s still in her mid-twenties. Happy birthday to you, Mrs. Catherine Bryant on the occasion of the age of 100 years.